My Books

Baby Duck Speaks: Stories of a Fierce Love

Available (Currently Free on KU!)

This collection represents the sweetest sort of memories of growing up in rural northeastern North Carolina.

This is Tommi’s first work of nonfiction.

Atticus in a Skirt


Paige Sparrow doesn’t think she belongs in Merchants Town. Not anymore. Can a blind cow, an innocent man, and a past love change her mind? Atticus in a Skirt is the first Merchants Town novel.

Fire & Ice: The Return

Available (Currently FREE on KU!!)

In a world where gypsies hide their crystals and unicorns hide their horns, Lyla must confront her father’s ghost and reveal a blackness better left hidden. A “Frozen” for adults, this tale of two sisters is full of sibling rivalry, magic, and men who just seem to complicate matters. This is Tommi’s first published work and the first of the Datura Sisters novels.

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