THE BONE SHARD WAR – Andrea Stewart

Orbit Books recently sent Andrea Stewart’s The Drowning Empire trilogy in anticipation of the release of book three. (A huge thanks for the gifted books.) Reviews for the first two of the trilogy, The Bone Shard Daughter and The Bone Shard Emperor, have already been posted.  The riveting conclusion to the trilogy, The Bone Shard War, will be released April 18, 2023.

If you haven’t read the first two in the series and don’t want to see spoilers, stop reading now.

Last chance.

The Bone Shard War begins two years after the intense face-off between Lin and Nisong.  Jovis, who’d left Lin at the close of the novel to save Mephi from his captors, is believed to be dead.  The rumors aren’t true, but they may as well be; Jovis is under the complete control of Kaphra, and he and Mephi are held captive, tormented, and frequently forced to do things he’d rather not.  Lin continues to struggle for control and respect as Emperor – the ban on witstone mining to allow studies into the connection between mining and the sinking islands has not won her any friends.  Phalue, however, has become a friend – despite refusing to support Lin as Emperor.  While Phalue is in Imperial with Lin, Ranami is left in control of their island and the Alanga orphan they’ve adopted, Ayesh, and her ossalen, Shark. And Nisong, broken and beaten but still in her villain arc, has joined forces with Ragan. 

War is coming.

While I found the first part of the second installment a bit sluggish, the third comes out swinging and carries you screaming to the gory, heartbreaking end.  It’s blood-soaked and brutal, it’s loud and unyielding, it’s card games and the smell of fish.

I don’t want to spoil the conclusion to The Drowning Empire trilogy, but I will say it was one of the more perfect endings for a cast of characters that I never stopped feeling big feelings for.  (Except for Ramani – I was pretty meh about her from the start.)  The ossalen will always hold my heart.  Long live and long love Mephi, Thrana, and Lozhi.

Read this trilogy.

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