BABEL – R.F. Kuang

My first read of 2023 was Babel by R. F. Kuang (Harper Collins 2022). Before I get into the review, I must mention the Harper Collins strike.  Employees with the company have been on a strike since November, and they are striking for fair wages, stronger diversity commitments, and union rights. To read more aboutContinue reading “BABEL – R.F. Kuang”


“We were stories that should never have met, or stories that only existed because we met. I still don’t know.” (108) Interior Chinatown meets Big Fish in this gay, fantastical nearly-noir of 1930s Hollywood, and I can’t find the words.  Nghi Vo’s Siren Queen (TorDotCom 2022) is grotesquely gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve ever read. Continue reading “SIREN QUEEN – Nghi Vo”

A LONGER FALL – Charlaine Harris

I’m going to review the second book in Charlaine Harris’s Gunnie Rose series right on the heels of the review/reaction for the first book because I devoured them back-to-back – I’d suggest reading that review first if you’re looking for more of an intro.  Just like An Easy Death, the second installment is delicious candy. Continue reading “A LONGER FALL – Charlaine Harris”

AN EASY DEATH – Charlaine Harris

Recently, I (accidentally) purchased book 3 in the Gunnie Rose series.  Instead of returning it, I just checked out the first two from the library.  I’ve already read a few very heavy books in 2022 and I needed some candy, so I went ahead and read the first two.  I’m going to review them separately,Continue reading “AN EASY DEATH – Charlaine Harris”


“One witch you can laugh at.  Three you can burn.  But what do you do with a hundred?” (469) After a fun vampire read and a delicious deal with devil, I wanted to round out October with a witch story.  Alix Harrow’s highly anticipated The Once and Future Witches with its witches and suffragettes wasContinue reading “THE ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES – Alix E. Harrow”