THE NIGHTINGALE – Kristin Hannah

It always surprises people that I’ve never read anything by attorney-turned-author Kristin Hannah before now.  It’s even more surprising that she only seriously crossed my radar when I read a blurb for her 2021 release, The Four Winds.  I decided I needed to read something by her before this anticipated  release, and here we are. Continue reading “THE NIGHTINGALE – Kristin Hannah”


  “Ghosts, like women, are creatures of yin – cold, dark, earthy, and feminine.” I’d never read Lisa See before, but a friend consistently sings her praises.  When I saw Peony in Love (Random House, 2007), I snatched it up, and it’s sat patiently in my TBR pile for ages.  Until now. I knew nothingContinue reading “PEONY IN LOVE – Lisa See”

CONJURE WOMEN – Afia Atakora

One of my more recent goals has been to read more “new” releases, particularly from debut authors and authors of color.  I ordered Conjure Women because it ticked off several of my boxes.  It is a debut novel by an author of color, but more importantly, it’s the type of book my shelves crave: magicalContinue reading “CONJURE WOMEN – Afia Atakora”

OUTLANDER – Diana Gabaldon

Unpopular opinion – I’ve tried watching Outlander since Netflix picked it up, but it just doesn’t hold my attention.  Maybe I’ll try again.  I don’t know. But my attempts to watch it did result in me snagging a used copy of Outlander, the first in the series, during the times I could venture into aContinue reading “OUTLANDER – Diana Gabaldon”

CALEB’S CROSSING – Geraldine Brooks

I don’t know who Juliette is, but she left her autographed copy of CALEB’S CROSSING by Pulitzer Prize winning author Geraldine Brooks to be purchased at a used book sale.  ($5 a box – any sized box!!)  I’ve heard of Geraldine Brooks, but only through her husband, Tony Horwitz, who wrote CONFEDERATES IN THE ATTIC. Continue reading “CALEB’S CROSSING – Geraldine Brooks”

The Conquest – Yxta Maya Murray

The Conquest was published in 2002.  Despite a love of multi-cultural literature developing in earnest about that time, I had never heard of the novel or its author, Yxta Maya Murray, until I picked the work up at a used bookstore over a year ago.  (Have I mentioned that my TBR pile could easily claimContinue reading “The Conquest – Yxta Maya Murray”