Marjan Kamali’s The Stationery Shop (Gallery Books 2019) is a heartbreaking novel of first love and lost love – a novel of how fate is a fickle mistress. The novel opens in 2013 in New England.  Roya is an old woman, “nearly American,” who first left Iran over fifty years ago.  Walter, her steadfast andContinue reading “THE STATIONERY SHOP – Marjan Kamali”

OUTLANDER – Diana Gabaldon

Unpopular opinion – I’ve tried watching Outlander since Netflix picked it up, but it just doesn’t hold my attention.  Maybe I’ll try again.  I don’t know. But my attempts to watch it did result in me snagging a used copy of Outlander, the first in the series, during the times I could venture into aContinue reading “OUTLANDER – Diana Gabaldon”