LEGENDBORN – Tracy Deonn

Before I get into my review of Tracy Deonn’s Legendborn (Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2020), I want to recognize that it may be biased and cloaked in an unexpected connection. I was 17 when my father was killed.  My acceptance to UNC arrived just under two months later.  That August, when I moved into myContinue reading “LEGENDBORN – Tracy Deonn”


A few months ago, I entered a “name the cover” contest that Ellery Adams was hosting on Insta.  (If you don’t follow her, you should.  She has fantastic content and gorgeous bookish photos!)  She surprised me by including one of her books in the prize package and what a fun little treat The Secret, BookContinue reading “THE SECRET, BOOK & SCONE SOCIETY Ellery Adams”


Jill McCorkle’s Hieroglyphics (2020 Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill) is a patchwork quilt made with scraps of guilt, trauma, secrets, family, survival, and mortality.  At its heart, it is a novel of the things we cling to to remember and be remembered. Lil and Frank have retired to North Carolina from the brisk winters ofContinue reading “HIEROGLYPHICS – Jill McCorkle”

A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD – Therese Anne Fowler

I seldom say that I hated a book because I can usually find something redeeming about it, but I hated Therese Anne Fowler’s A Good Neighborhood (2020).  This review will be quite brief and in a slightly different format because I don’t want to launch into a tirade about my visceral reaction to this novel.Continue reading “A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD – Therese Anne Fowler”

Tall Houses in Winter – Doris Betts

(No copy of the cover for this one – so a picture of the author will have to do.) I have a small affection for North Carolina authors – especially when their stories are set in my backyard. There’s something about reading a work of fiction and fully understanding the small town dynamics, the connectionsContinue reading “Tall Houses in Winter – Doris Betts”