“She’d first eaten her father’s salt, then her husband’s; it was time to eat her own.” “If she was this lonely, Geeta berated herself, she should get a damn dog.” Take “Goodbye Earl” (or, more recently, Taylor Swift’s take on the same theme with “No Body, No Crime”), set it in India and change MaryContinue reading “THE BANDIT QUEENS – Parini Shroff”

AGE OF VICE – Deepti Kapoor

Billed as India’s response to The Godfather, Deepti Kapoor’s Age of Vice (Riverhead Books 2023)  is a gangster novel meets political commentary kissed with a romance wrapped in a family saga.  In short, it’s a muddled, confusing thrill ride of extreme violence and unlikeable characters.  Even though a bit sloppy at times and in seriousContinue reading “AGE OF VICE – Deepti Kapoor”

THE DOG OF THE NORTH – Elizabeth McKenzie

“They were the whimper rather than the bang at the end of my world, but I could not move forward if I were to permit myself the full brunt of my feelings.” In continuing with the 2023 Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist, I recently read Elizabeth McKenzie’s The Dog of the North (Penguin Press 2023).Continue reading “THE DOG OF THE NORTH – Elizabeth McKenzie”