WEDDING BELLES – Haywood Smith

Let me start by saying that I love Southern fiction.  There are charming books set in the South, with charming women you want to go have brunch with.  WEDDING BELLES by Haywood Smith (2008) is not that book.  Georgia, Linda, Diane, Teeny, and Pru are notthose women.  To be fair, I’ve never read anything byContinue reading “WEDDING BELLES – Haywood Smith”


“Little earthquake… They happen all the time.  I hardly feel them anymore.” “I could have told him that nothing was safe and that no matter how careful you were and how hard you tried, there were still accidents, hidden traps, and snares.  You could get killed on an airplane or crossing the street.  Your marriageContinue reading “LITTLE EARTHQUAKES – Jennifer Weiner”