THAT SUMMER – Jennifer Weiner

The title of Jennifer Weiner’s That Summer (Atria Books 2021) immediately brought a smile to my face as I recalled another That Summer.  When the novel started with “She is fifteen years old that summer,” I was reminded even more of Sarah Dessen’s 1996 novel about fifteen-year-old Haven, a novel set at the beach duringContinue reading “THAT SUMMER – Jennifer Weiner”

BIG SUMMER – Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner released her latest novel, BIG SUMMER, early – just in time for my birthday.  I don’t typically pre-order books and I’ve promised my TBR pile that I would lay off adding to it until I’d whittled it down a bit more, but I couldn’t resist.  Weiner is a captivating personality, and listening toContinue reading “BIG SUMMER – Jennifer Weiner”


“Little earthquake… They happen all the time.  I hardly feel them anymore.” “I could have told him that nothing was safe and that no matter how careful you were and how hard you tried, there were still accidents, hidden traps, and snares.  You could get killed on an airplane or crossing the street.  Your marriageContinue reading “LITTLE EARTHQUAKES – Jennifer Weiner”