UNDER THE DOME – Stephen King

“The pink stars are falling,” Aidan said.  “They make lines behind them.  It’s pretty.  It’s scary.  Everyone is watching.  No treats, only tricks.  Hard to breathe.  He calls himself the Chef.  It’s his fault.  He’s the one.” I was in middle school when I read my first Stephen King novel.  I selected Tommyknockers.  And whileContinue reading “UNDER THE DOME – Stephen King”

MEXICAN GOTHIC – Silvia Moreno-Garcia

  This one is likely going to be long and full of spoilers.  If you intend to read Mexican Gothic (2020 Random House) by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and don’t want spoilers, just tiptoe on out.  I’ll wait. Okay. Mexican Gothic was one of the most anticipated reads of the summer, and its gorgeous cover was everywhere;Continue reading “MEXICAN GOTHIC – Silvia Moreno-Garcia”