EDUCATED – Tara Westover

Our minds do the most magical of things with our memories.  We suppress, we embrace, we mold truth into something more tenable, we exaggerate, we deify, we villainize.  Memory is a tricky thing, and we are not to be trusted. So how do we find the truth in our memories?  How do we distinguish betweenContinue reading “EDUCATED – Tara Westover”

Mishna Wolff – I’m Down

This review has been a long time coming.  Law school gets in the way of fun things.  My apologies.  Of all the books of 2010 (which weren’t nearly as many as I would have liked), I’d recommend I’m Down the most.  Well, I’m Down and God of the Animals.  Mishna Wolff’s childhood memoir is brilliant. Continue reading “Mishna Wolff – I’m Down”