THE MASK FALLING – Samantha Shannon

Samantha Shannon’s The Mask Falling (2021 Bloomsbury Publishing), the highly anticipated fourth book of the Bone Season series, is without question my favorite of the series.  The series is now more than half-way complete (there will be seven books), and we’re getting the thump! thump! of its heart in this novel.  I have said sinceContinue reading “THE MASK FALLING – Samantha Shannon”

THE SONG RISING – Samantha Shannon

In August of 2012, I read about this young woman, an unpublished unknown still at University, who signed a 6-figure deal for the first three books in a proposed seven book series.  In October of 2013, I read that book.  I moved the review/reaction over to this blog and it should be linked below, butContinue reading “THE SONG RISING – Samantha Shannon”


In 2012, I read a news story about a twenty-year-old student at University who was signed by Bloomsbury Publishing in a six-figure book deal.  I was intrigued (and jealous).  The deal was for three books in a seven books series.  The first of which, THE BONE SEASON, was published in 2013.  I’ve had what IContinue reading “THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE – Samantha Shannon”