HORSE HEAVEN – Jane Smiley

There are some books that leave a lovely ache.  Some books that reach into your bones and squeeze until you say “NO MORE” but you keep reading anyway.  For me, Jane Smiley’s HORSE HEAVEN is one of those books.  Smiley is a talented author who can write with that perfect level of fervent passion thatContinue reading “HORSE HEAVEN – Jane Smiley”

The Last Kind Words Saloon – Larry McMurtry

“We don’t rent pigs.” Larry McMurtry is the man who, without knowing who I am, gave me one of the sweetest gifts when he wrote LONESOME DOVE.  Published when I was toddler, the book was turned into a TV mini-series in 1989.  My father recorded it, and those old VHS tapes were likely the mostContinue reading “The Last Kind Words Saloon – Larry McMurtry”


In the 1980s, a group of kids from Bennington College emerged as the so-called “literary brat pack.” These privileged kids from the East Coast, with their booze and drug-filled delusions, were deemed “cool” and their literary talents highly praised. They were pompous and arrogant, while at the same time intentionally esoteric to create an airContinue reading “THE GOLDFINCH – Donna Tartt”

CALEB’S CROSSING – Geraldine Brooks

I don’t know who Juliette is, but she left her autographed copy of CALEB’S CROSSING by Pulitzer Prize winning author Geraldine Brooks to be purchased at a used book sale.  ($5 a box – any sized box!!)  I’ve heard of Geraldine Brooks, but only through her husband, Tony Horwitz, who wrote CONFEDERATES IN THE ATTIC. Continue reading “CALEB’S CROSSING – Geraldine Brooks”

Jeffrey Eugenides – Middlesex

“From my birth when they went undetected, to my baptism where they upstaged the priest, to my troubled adolescence when they didn’t do much of anything and then did everything at once, my genitals have been the most significant thing that ever happened to me. Some people inherit houses; others paintings or highly insured violinContinue reading “Jeffrey Eugenides – Middlesex”